Tacos de Tinga

Casa Enrique will closed today December 31st and January 1st in observance of the New Year!

We wish you a wonderful time! See you in 2019 !!


Our Daily Specials highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients and help us develop new menu staples.


Avocado, onion, cilantro, jalapeño and tomato with side of home made totopos

Lime cured market fish Ceviche

Citrus notes perfectly balanced with fresh cilantro and spicy Serrano peppers – a must have at Casa Enrique

Lime cured

market fish Ceviche

Strawberry Mojito
Casa Enrique Margarita


Our Bar Specials will keep you coming back again and again for new adventures.

Strawberry Mojito

Rum Bacardi light, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, sugar and club soda

Casa Enrique Margarita

Jimador Blanco, Patron Citronge liqueur, fresh lime juice and brown simple syrup

About Chef
Cosme Aguilar’s passion for food began in his hometown of Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state, where he was inspired by his mother’s passion for cooking. Along with his sister and aunts, Cosme learned to cook traditional Chiapas dishes.

Cosme’s memories of his childhood’s flavors remain his inspiration as he brings New Yorkers a taste of home-cooked Chiapas meal.

Cosme came to the US in 1998. He began working at a French restaurant as a porter before being given the opportunity to work in the kitchen. There he began his education in French cuisine, a discipline he dedicated the next decade of his life to. During his spare time he worked with various chefs, honing his skills in French cuisine.

In 2004, Cosme began working with Winston Kulok as chef of Cafe Henri. In November 2009 he became executive chef of Bar Henri.

A few years ago Cosme’s brother Luis Aguilar pitched the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant where the two could serve their family’s traditional recipes.

Cosme was hesitant at first, as his professional experience was with French cuisine, but ultimately agreed as it represented an opportunity to reconnect with the flavors and ingredients of his childhood.

Chef Cosme Aquilar
Casa Enrique Interior
Casa Enrique opened its doors on March 15th 2012, and quickly established itself as a local hotspot in Long Island City. In September 2014, Casa Enrique was awarded its first ever Michelin star. “We are very proud to serve our family’s recipes to our friends and customers and share a taste of home with them”


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