Le Petit Déjeuner

Les Oeufs Benedict

Two Poached Eggs with choice of bacon or ham topped with Hollandaise Sauce on English muffin Served with Home Fries and Salad (served until 4pm)


Le Pain Perdu aux amandes et fruits frais

French toast, Almonds, home fries, bacon or ham and fresh fruit


Les Oeufs à Sa Façon

Two Eggs any style, with Home Fries, Salad, and Bacon or Ham


L’Omelette avec choix de trois

Three Eggs Omelet with Home Fries, Salad and choice of three: Chicken, Ham, Bacon, roasted peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Leeks, Spinach, Mushrooms, String Beans, Ratatouille, Grilled Vegetables, Swiss or Goat Cheese


Oeuf à Cheval

Ground sirloin topped with sunny side up egg, mashed potatoes and mesclun salad


Les Crêpes Salées

Servies avec salade de mesclun, Served with organic mesclun salad

Mixte Jambon – Fromage

Ham and Swiss cheese



Ham and Swiss cheese with egg



Home made ratatouille



Toasted baguette, butter and natural jams


Croissant, Pain au Chocolat

Croissant, chocolate croissant


Croissant aux Amandes

Almond croissant


Céréales avec Lait ou Yaourt et Fruits Frais

Muesli with milk or yogurt and fresh fruit


Salade de Fruits Frais

Mixed fresh fruit salad


Saumon Fumé, crème au basilic

Smoked salmon, grilled vegetables, fresh basil cream


Crêpe Henri – Choix de 3*

Choice of three: Swiss Chesse, Goat Cheese, Ham, Egg, Chicken, Turkey, Sweet or Spicy Sausage, Bacon, Tomatoes, Leeks, Sautéed Onions, Roasted Peppers, Ratatouille, Mushroom, Grilled Vegetables, String Beans


Choice of Smoked salmon


Egg white or added choice


Bacon or home fries side order


One organic egg any style on the side

Side of jam


08:00AM // 11:30PM