French Bistro

Le Petit Déjeuner

Les Salades

House Specialties

Les Crêpes Sucrées

& Les Desserts

All eggs and chicken organic


Tartine 4

Toasted baguette, butter and natural jams


Croissant, Pain au Chocolat 3

Croissant, chocolate croissant


Croissant aux Amandes  3.5

Almond croissant


Céréales avec Lait ou Yaourt et Fruits Frais  8

Muesli with milk or yogurt and fresh fruit


Salade de Fruits Frais 7

Mixed fresh fruit salad


Side of jam 1.50

Les Oeufs Benedict          12.5

Two Poached Eggs with choice of bacon or ham topped with Hollandaise Sauce

On English muffin Served with Home Fries and Salad (served until 4pm)


Le Pain Perdu aux amandes et fruits frais     11.5

French toast, Almonds, home fries, bacon or ham and fresh fruit


Les Oeufs à Sa Façon       10.5

Two Eggs any style, with Home Fries, Salad, and Bacon or Ham


L’Omelette avec choix de trois   11.5

Three Eggs Omelet with Home Fries, Salad and choice of three:

Chicken, Ham, Bacon, roasted peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Leeks, Spinach,

Mushrooms, String Beans, Ratatouille, Grilled Vegetables, Swiss or Goat Cheese


Oeuf à Cheval    14.5

Ground sirloin topped with sunny side up egg, mashed potatoes and mesclun salad

Les Crêpes Salées

Servies avec salade de mesclun, Served with organic mesclun salad


Mixte Jambon – Fromage  9.5

Ham and Swiss cheese


Complète 10.5

  Ham and Swiss cheese with egg


Ratatouille 9.5

Home made ratatouille


Saumon Fumé, crème au basilic   11.5

          Smoked salmon, grilled vegetables, fresh basil cream


Crêpe Henri – Choix de 3*     10.5

Choice of three: Swiss Chesse, Goat Cheese, Ham, Egg, Chicken,

Turkey, Sweet or Spicy Sausage, Bacon, Tomatoes, Leeks, Sautéed Onions,

Roasted Peppers, Ratatouille, Mushroom, Grilled Vegetables, String Beans


Choice of Smoked salmon: 2.00 extra


Egg white or added choice: 2.00 extra


Bacon or home fries side order 5.00


One organic egg any style on the side 2.50






*If you have any allergies, please, notify you server prior ordering the meal, thank you.

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Servies avec salade de mesclun, Served with organic mesclun salad


Salade de mesclun 8

Organic mixed baby greens, cucumbers and carrots

La Salade de Chèvre aux Raisins et aux Noix 13

Warm goat cheese croutons, tomato, mesclun, walnuts and grapes

Salade Henri 13

Roasted organic chicken, grilled vegetables, potato, ratatouille, tomato, mesclun

La Salade Niçoise au Thon Grillé 15

Fresh tuna, hard boiled egg, roasted peppers, Potatoes, Tomatoes,

String beans,black olives, anchovies

Salade de Pomme de Terre aux Herbes et Saumon Fumé 15

Potato salad with fresh herbs, smoked salmon, cucumber, hard boiled egg,  Tomatoes, and basil

= Les Classiques =

Soupe du Jour 7

Soup of the Day


La Quiche Lorraine 9.5

Ham and Swiss cheese pie with mesclun salad


Assiette De Fromages 13

Cheese plate with fresh fruit

Gratiné à l’Oignon 8.5

Onion soup


Les Escargot 11

Snails cooked with, fresh garlic butter and parsley


Assiette De Charcuterie 14

Platter of ham, sausages, prosciutto, and cornichon

= Les Sandwiches =

Le Croque Monsieur 10.5

Toasted country bread, ham, cheese


Le Poulet Ratatouille 10.5

Roasted chicken and ratatouille, toasted ciabatta


Le Jambon-Beurre 10

Ham, butter, cornichons on ciabatta


L’Oeuf Dur-Crudités 10

Mayonnaise, hard boiled egg, tomato, carrot, salad on ciabatta


Le Saumon Fumé 14

Smoked salmon, egg, salad, mayo, basil on ciabatta


Le short rib sandwich 15

Whith avocado, French fries, tomato and

Le Croque Madame 12.5

Toasted country bread, ham, cheese, sunny side egg


Le Saucisson-Beurre 10

Sausage, butter, cornichons on ciabatta


Le Tomate-Mozzarella-Prosciutto 11.5

Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, toasted ciabatta


Le Merguez à la Moutarde Forte 12

Spicy lamb sausage, roasted pepper, Dijon mustard

on toasted ciabatta


Le Sandwiche Club 12

Roasted turkey, bacon, tomato, mayonnaise, Swiss cheese, toasted ciabatta

Home-made pickles

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SAFFRON: chorizo, shallots, tomato concasses, saffron, cream, and chardonnay

MARINIERES: garlic, shallots, fresh herbs and chardonnay


PASTAS (Tagliatelle from Raffettos)     14

HENRI: Ratatouille, goat cheese and mushrooms

PESTO: Basil, grape tomato, garlic, mozzarella

CARBONARA: Bacon, green peas, garlic, cream, raw yolk, in a veal pepper sauce



Hanger steak served with Mashed Potatoes, mesclun salad, baby carrots and red wine shallots sauce



New York shell steak with green pepper corn sauce served with Potato gratin, mesclun salad and baby carrots


COQ AU VIN     22

Organic Chicken marinated in cabernet sauvignon with mushrooms, shallots and diced carrots served with mashed potatoes



Served with sautéed spinach, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and green pepper corn sauce



Served with carrot puree, ratatouille and olive oil



Served with vegetable rice, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and mustard sauce


HAMBURGER       12

Sirloin burger, served with fries, mesclun salad, red onions, tomatoes



Sirloin burger, served with fries, mesclun salad, red onions, tomatoes and Swiss cheese



Sirloin burger served with fries, mesclun salad, red onions, tomatoes, and swiss cheese



Served with fries, mesclun salad, red onions, and tomatoes




"All of our dishes are prepared to order…we appreciate your patience."

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=== Les Crêpes Sucrées & Les Desserts ===

Beurre – Sucre 6

Fresh butter and sugar


Citron – Sucre 6

Lemon and sugar


Confiture 6

Your choice of fresh Jams: strawberry, raspberry, apricot


Chocolat 7

Calibaut chocolate sauce


Crêpe à l’orange 8

Fresh oranges with homemade caramel sauce


Pomme 8

Sauteed apple and pastry crème


Supplément sauce chocolat 2.5

Extra calibaut chocolate sauce


Crème Brulée    7


 Lemon Tarte  8


 Mousse au Chocolat Maison 8

Miel 6



Sucre et glace 8

Butter and sugar with ice cream


Fruits frais 8

Mixed fresh cut fruit with strawberry sauce


Chocolat – Banane 8

Calibaut chocolate sauce, banana


Crème de marrons 9

Chestnut cream, crème fraîche


Crêpe au Nutella 9

Nutella sauce


Flambee 9

Grand Marnier or Rum


Tarte Tatin Maison  8

Apple “Tatin” served with ice cream  or crème fraîche


Croissant Pudding 8

With chocolate sause, almonds, and vanilla Ice cream on top


Panaché de 3 glaces et sorbets 8

Choice of three ice creams or sorbets

=== Les Boissons Chaudes ===

Café au Lait                  Sm: 3.75             Lg: 4.75

Double espresso with Milk


Café Américain   2

American Coffee


Espresso  3

Single espresso


Capuccino or Noisette 3.75

Capuccino or Machiatto


Double Epresso  4

Double espresso


Rhum Lait Chaud 6

Spicy Rum, honey, steamed milk


Chocolat Henri  8

Large hot Valrhona French

Chocolat Chaud                        Sm: 3.75    Lg: 4.75

Hot chocolate


Café Français 4

Stretched double espresso


Grand Moka                               Sm: 4       Lg: 5

Café au lait with cocoa


Citron Chaud    3.5

Fresh squeezed lemon, honey, and hot water


Thes 3

Teas, black or herbal


Grog     8

Fresh squeezed lemon, Grand Marnier, honey, hot water

=== Les Boissons Fraiches ===

Fruit Smoothie Sorbet 5


Fruit Smoothie 4

Mixed fruit, ice, fruit juice


Orange Pressée 5

Fresh squeezed orange juice


Sodas 2.5


Chocolat Froid 3.75

Cold chocolate


Evian 6


Perrier 6


Chantaco cocktail 4

Orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice

Jus de Fruits    3

Cranberry, Pineapple, Grapefruit or Apple juice


Citron Pressé    2.5

Fresh lemonade


Thé ou Café Glacé   3

Iced Tea or Iced coffee


Capuccino ou Café au Lait Glacé  4

Iced cappuccino or iced café au lait


Orangina    3

french orange soda

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"A little cozy French bistro that invites you to indulge yourself in the melange of flavors! A simple but home-style decor and hospitable staff make you surrender the feeling of being in a high pace city and grant you the sensation of European tranquility."


1010 50th Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101


(718) 383-9315


Monday thru Sunday

8 am to 12 am

Dec 24. Until 3pm

Dec 25. Closed


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